Jon Sebastian

Art and painting in particular is, for me, the selective recreation of reality according to my own principles and what I deem interesting and just in this world we share. I cannot remember when I did not paint.

Growing up in the Ohio Valley, near Cincinnati, I spent hours upon hours in the art museums there. Art was BIG, art was GRAND, it reflected a world I wanted to live in, and one i wished to duplicate in my lifetime.

As a graduate of Miami University, Oxford Ohio in Fine arts, I steamed ahead in my pursuit of a world I wanted for my life. I spent years working as an Interior Designer, retail store designer, product designer, and finally as a merchandising trainer for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, MO. I painted through the years as I worked in commercial environments

Finally, I came to know my art as my principal focus in my life. With Asheville Gallery of Art I am now moving forward with confidence that others will find my works compelling and an addition to their own collections. I paint immersive works filled with color, light and shadow. My subjects are of nature and of the peace and spirituality in which they envelope us.


489 Summit dr

Maggie Valley 28751



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