Below you will find some of my most recent painting projects. I love to delve into different styles and find my way to an interpretations of how they change and enhance my own style.

Color, light shadow, and the final strokes of the artists imagination, bring to life what i had only dreamed. From extreme detailing to fast strokes of genius, I render the canvas my slave to creation.

Finding my way through the suggestions of the past I hope to bring my immersive style into the future!


Lighting thru the Pines
18h x 24w Framed $750
Path thru the Smokys
16h x 29w, Framed $620
Childhood Flowers
24h x 30w Framed $770
Soft Landing
24W x 18h, Framed $550
Into The Light
30h x 24w, Framed$1500
The Shepard Lost
24w x 20h $700
Golden Sunset
14w x 14h $350
The Gentle Stream, Oil on Canvas, 24h x 30w in, Framed, $500
Lost in the wooden Gold. Oil on canvas, 16h x 20w in, $400
Windswept Hills, Oil on Canvas, 30h x 23w in, $890
Birches in the Moonlight, Oil on canvas, 24h x 36w, $870
Birches on Hill, oil on canvas, 16h x 12w in, $290
Soco Barn, oil on canvas, 16h x 20 w in, SOLD
Many Days to Go, oil on canvas, 20h x 16w, $ 320
Reflection 2, oil on Canvas, 16h x 12w, $300
Brighton Bridge, il on Canvas, 24h x 36 w in, $590
Reflections 2, oil on Canvas. 16h x 12w in, $300
Wonder Rock Falls, Oil on Canvas, 20h x 24w, $415
From The Forest, Framed, 30h x 24w in, $ 1150
Sargent Picnic Study
Awakenings, 20h x 24w, In, $800
Mysterious Pathway Oil On Canvas 30h x 24h in, Framed $860